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Selection, design and programming of priority actions

Once the national Prioritised Action Framework has been defined, on the basis of the strategic priorities and measures defined on it, a set of pilot actions will be selected. A detailed planning for their implementation in the period 2014-2020 will then be prepared.

The selection of the actions will be made taking into account the following aspects:


    • the importance of the selected species and habitat types regarding the conservation priorities,
    • the impact of the actions at national level and in the European context,
    • the feasibility and possibilities for co-financing the actions,
    • the demonstration character of the measures,
    • etc

It is envisaged selecting between 5 and 7 demonstration pilot projects that may have an important impact, involving species and habitat types whose conservation status requires urgent action and for which there are clear funding options. It is also proposed to select actions that can be financed using different funds and financial mechanisms, including identified innovative mechanisms.