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Creation of a working group

The Spanish Committee on Natural Protected Areas agreed at its 12th meeting (Madrid, 20/09/2011) to set up a Working Group for the development of a Prioritised Action Framework for the Natura 2000 network in Spain (PAF) with the format agreed between the European Commission and the Member States.

The working group is composed of representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the regional public authorities responsible for the management of the sites designated for the Natura 2000 network. The Group is chaired by the Directorate General of Environmental Quality and Natural Environment.

The objective of this Group is to assist in the definition and review of the contents of the PAF, providing relevant information (management tools, conservation measures, strategic conservation priorities, experience in the use of European funds, etc.), to participate in the analysis and elaboration of the contents of the PAF, review the working papers and participate in the working meetings, according to an agreed program.
Three meetings of this Group have been held in January, March and October 2012, where the methodology and contents of the PAF were defined and the tasks to be carried out were agreed.